Longines Celebrates 185 Years of Excellence

Longines has been the leader of the fine profession in horology since 1832, while the Swiss-based luxury watch company can be renowned for its consistent state-of-the-art items and creating only complicated tips with astonishing finishes that will leave home a long-lasting legacy for decades. Since its first pocket-chronograph made a single debut in 1878, Longines swiss wrist watches have struck a chord numerous watch collectors who were intrinsically cemented to the world of sports. Following the succession of their earlier watch models, Longines moreover established itself as a timekeeper towards sporting performances. For many years, the watch manufactures have worked hard to preserve the traditional assemble of watchmaking and meticulously device only quality timepieces that will separate yourself, while respecting the boundless to deal with to bring concepts to reality. The thing that is revealing are exclusive watches explaining the innate characteristics of a best-rated sportsman – those of fortitude, disk, and masculinity – who has inevitable stood the test of time and mastered the ability to thrive under pressure. Afterwards, the subsequent movement process saw the birth of different Longines watch models dedicated a choice between to professional timekeepers or freak athletes. This year, the end of summertime pays tribute to Longines’ 185th-anniversary celebration with a special edition for Longines vintage watch exhibition, showing a wide range of museum pieces, dating back so that it will 1832. The exhibition is current from Oct 17-22, 2017, along the Marina Square Central Atrium, Singapore, highlighting the various vintage watches or timing devices, including a range of brilliant archive records, films, photographs as well as, posters as well as the recent state-of-the-art variants from Longines. Pictured here is a wrist-chronograph fitted with the famous Longines movement 13ZN from 1936, and recognized among world’s best, which can fetch online auction business prices of up to US$30K due to its création. Longines showcases diamonds and sapphires from the twentieth century, set on those bezels that frame the face. To be the slogan says it all: ‘Elegance undoubtedly an attitude’, this model emphasizes on usefulness and perfection as well as an inner appeal. In 1939, Longines designed a 24-line calibre to track timing for sports. Incorporated within the bespoke design, this kind of movement includes the latest technological attributes of the day to tell time quickly. Assortment of versions of this calibre are private to meet high-level competitions across the specific sports disciplines.

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