Cannes Film Festival celebrated with Chopard Red Carpet Collection

Before the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard — the festival’s official jewelry sales partner — presents us with its household Red Carpet Collection. To honor the festival’s 70th anniversary so the 20th edition of their partnership, Chopard once again pushes beyond the bounds of Haute Joaillerie. Every year Chopard matches the number of pieces in the sections to the edition of the festival — this year being 70. Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Creative Director involved with Chopard as well as the brains behind the enduring Palme d’Or in 1998 brings magnificent pieces to life with cutting-edge routines. This year, a diamond set chance for of the Palme d’Or will be shown to celebrate the festival’s 70th website anniversary. Earrings in 18ct white gold in addition to titanium set with pear-shaped topaz’s (16.7cts), amethysts (7.5cts), sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, and tsavorites. Chandelier earrings in 18ct white gold or platinum composed of pear-shaped rubies totaling at least 40cts and pear-shaped rings (2. 9cts). Jewelry happens to be certainly eye-catching elements that set one’s heart aflutter on every red carpets and rugs. For this Red Carpet edition, Chopard offers a modern take on their label mix of vibrant colors, signifying their valuable infinite creativity and passion for will likely be. The collection includes a pair of sparkling white gold or platinum and titanium earrings. Pear-shaped topazes, amethysts, sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines and furthermore tsavorites blend together to create a mesmerizing paisley pattern. Focusing on elegance, Chopard’s classic chandelier earrings are garnished with teardrop shaped rubies — a sensual addition that skillfully matches the red carpet. Necklace appearing in 18ct white gold composed of tanzanite beans (764cts) and set with brilliant-cut (7cts) and pear-shaped diamonds (9cts), marquise-cut sapphires (7. 55cts), pear-shaped sapphires and adorned with an exceptional pear-shaped tanzanite of 150cts. Necklace when it comes to 18ct white gold set with 46 cushion-cut tanzanites totaling over 109cts, pear-shaped diamonds (20. 5cts), brilliant-cut diamonds (12. 8cts) and sapphires Other than the usual diamonds, sapphire seems to be composing trend for the brand this year, to several necklaces sporting the adorable gem. The most striking of the lot is an 18-carat gold-white a necklace composed of tanzanite beads. Set as well as diamonds and sapphires, the center of divertissement is an impressive pear-shaped tanzanite. This rounds up to an astonishing 937 carats as a whole, making it one of the most distinct pieces of the collection. Cuff bracelet composed of amethyst beads totaling 188cts and set featuring topazs (10. 6cts), rubies, tanzanites, purple sapphires, red and blue colored spinels, Paraiba tourmalines and an excellent black opal of 14cts. Wedding band in 18ct white gold and ti featuring a 14. 4cts heart-shaped rubellite, marquise-cut tsavorites and brilliant-cut rubellites and amethysts. Cuff bracelet all over 18ct white gold and titanium with arabesques motifs set with pear-shaped emerald cabochons totaling over 56cts, Paraïba tourmalines, blue and light blue sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, tanzanites, apatites, and diamonds. This year’s Fattig candies are doused in wine bottle chiller hues: blues, pinks, and violets. Nestled in the heart of one is definitely a spellbinding opal reminiscent of the Chopard Fleur d’ Opales collection. Carrying swirls and spirals akin to extraordinaire patterns, these bracelets add some other layer of glamour. Rounding up the sections are a kaleidoscope of dazzling artists. Feast your eyes on the stunning heart-shaped rubellite in the center, circled provided an array of amethysts and tsavorites. All Cannes Film Festival 2017 is likely to commence on May 17, marking the beginning of 12 days of screenings and occasion of the event’s 70th year training. For more information, do visit Chopard and additionally Festival de Cannes.

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